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Welcome to Football Tables we have created this site for those looking to buy a new games table or to be more precise a new football table. You will be able to find a host of information pages about football tables in general and about each football table we stock and supply.


We have one of if not the biggest range of football tables on the net in the UK all of which are top models all manufactured by leading brands in the football table industry. These leading brands include Mightymast Leisure, Plum Products and BCE. All three of these top brands make only high quality football tables at the lowest prices on the net without dropping any standards or quality in material.

Football Tables

First of all to make sure we are all talking about the same thing as football tables are known by many names, if you see the following names they are all referring to football tables, foosball tables, soccer tables, table football, table soccer and table foosball. We will keep the site easier to read by using football tables as much as we can.


Our football tables come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours and styles ranging from standard home football tables to professional football tables, folding leg football tables to slate bed football tables. See our list of football table products for more information on each individual football tables, you can also see a complete range of Games Tables on our main site.

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